Upcoming Litters - Early 2019 

Due February 14:  A litter of Labradoodle puppies that will mature at 35 - 45 lbs.  These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes around April 11th.  We expect most of the puppies will be red or apricot, although caramel and cream are possible.  They should have low shed coats varying from waves to soft curls.  All of our puppies have a three year health guarantee, and we make a puppy delivery trip to Champaign IL for each litter.  our trip for this litter will probably be April 13th, but could be the 6th if the puppies are born earlier than their due date.  If this date doesn't work for you or you don't live along this route, you're welcome to pick up your puppy at our home.  Our puppies are $1500 plus sales tax and we are accepting applications now for this litter.  Click here to see photos and information about the parents.

Due in March:  We're excited to be planning for our first litter of purebred Poodle puppies this spring, ready to go to their new homes in May.  These pups should mature around 45 - 50 lbs and we expect them to be red and apricot.  Check back for more details about this litter, or email us for information.