Recommended Products

Below are lists of items that we recommend you purchase before you bring your puppy home.

Many of the products are available locally if you wish to purchase them in your local pet store, but we've also included links to Amazon to make it easy for you to purchase these particular items online.  Other brands of similar products are also available.


  • CRATE:  We recommend one that is about 24 x 36.  This size will be large enough to be comfortable for your puppy even when he/she is an adult.  We recommend the wire crates rather than the plastic ones.  Air flow is better with the wire crates.  Plastic ones can trap the pup's body heat and make him too warm.  Look for a crate with two latches on each door.  Two latches are safer than just one because it prevents a puppy from pushing the corner and getting his head stuck in the door.   Two latches are also a sign of a higher quality crate.  We like the Midwest Life Stages brand crates.   You can select the size crate and if you want a single or double door.   Depending on where you plan to place your crate, it may be more convenient to have the model with a side door as well as an end door. 
  • BRUSH:  We recommend a pin brush/bristle brush combo as your puppy's first brush.  The bristle side is soft for faces, bellies and legs.  The pin side can brush deeper as the puppy's coat gets longer.  This brand is a good budget priced starter brush.   This is an upgraded version of a similar style brush.
  • COMB:   We recommend a comb with rotating teeth and rounded pins.  Without these features, a comb can be sharp and uncomfortable against your puppy's skin.   We like this one.

  • NON-TIP BOWLS:  These are a MUST for puppies!  They also have a rubber ring on the bottom that keeps the bowl from sliding around on hard floors.  There are a lot of options for this type of bowl, but we prefer stainless steel.   We like these white bowls but there are many colors available including these red or blue bowls from the same company.
  • TRAINING CLICKER:  Clicker training is an excellent, positive training method.   You can purchase a single clicker or a pack of four.
  • POOP BAG DISPENSER:  If you'll be taking your puppy for walks around the neighborhood you'll need to carry some poop bags with you.  These dispensers clip onto your leash so you'll never forget them.
  • SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER:   Be sure to use products labeled for puppies.  We like this Isle of Dogs tearless shampoo.   We've had many people like the scent of the shampoo used on the puppies on 'take home' day.   It is nighttime baby wash and  Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner.  We use the Cowboy Magic only on the body and not the head since it isn't tearless.
  • KONG PUPPY TOY:  Kongs are an essential toy for puppies.  We keep them as a special "treat" for the pup to have only when they're in their crate.  Fill with small treats or peanut butter to keep your pup occupied while he's crated.  Kongs come in a variety of shapes and for various sized dogs.  Get the medium size Kong specifically made for pups.  (Toys that are too small can be a choking hazard).