Meet the Parents:  Jessi and Levi

The Mother: Cedar Hill's Jessie's Girl

Jessi is a beautiful first generation (F1) Labradoodle who was born right here at Cedar Hill.  She has a sweet and gentle disposition and has a medium length coat in a beautiful shade of red.  She's shown here with her previous litter just after birth.  She weighs in at 50 lbs.
Her hips have been tested by PennHip method and she is clear of Von Willebrand's Disease by parentage.  Jessi is an attentive mother and takes great care of her puppies. We're expecting a beautiful litter of red & apricot puppies.



The Father: Cedar Hill's Levi

Levi is a stunning red/apricot F1b Goldendoodle with a super sweet temperament.  He has a soft, curly coat that is low shed and the most beautiful dark brown eyes.  He is loving and gentle and would like nothing more than to be a big lap dog! 

Levi weighs in at 65 pounds.  His hips have been tested by PennHip method and scored in the 70th percentile.  His eyes have been CERF tested and are clear/normal.   He has been DNA tested for vWD and is clear.  He has  been DNA tested to be clear of these eye diseases: Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cone degeneration, Retinal Distrophy and Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration.  He has also tested clear of Hemophilia B, Narcolepsy and Hypothyroidism.

Levi is CKC registered.

You may notice that Levi has a docked tail.  We would have preferred that Levi have his full natural tail, but his tail was docked at birth by his breeder.  Here at Cedar Hill we DO NOT dock any tails.

All of our pups are from health tested parents and come with a three year genetic health guarantee. Pups are on a vaccination and de-worming schedule from birth. Click here to learn about Early Neurological Stimulation, which we use as part of our socialization process.  Weather permitting, our pups have access to the outdoors through a doggy-door. We feel this gives them a head start on house-training, because they are used to going outside before they even arrive in your home. If you'd like to register your puppy, they are eligible to be registered through CKC and we provide you with the required paperwork.    NOTE: Our puppies are sold as companion pets and we require your puppy to be spayed or neutered BEFORE he/she reaches eight months of age.   This protects our pups and ensures they are being placed into loving forever homes.