Early Neurological Stimulation

After years of research, the U.S. Military developed a program called "Bio Sensor", which was designed to improve the performance of dogs being used for military purposes.  This later became known publicly as the "Super Dog" Program. 
Part of the Bio Sensor program involves early neurological stimulation of puppies during a period of rapid neurological growth and development from age 3 days to 16 days.  Five exercises were developed and performed daily to produce stimulations which wouldn't occur naturally during this stage of the puppy's life.  The exercises are
in addition to, and not a substitution for, regular handling and socialization.

Dogs who received Bio Sensor stimulation as puppies showed these lasting benefits:
Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
Stronger heart beats
Stronger adrenal glands
More tolerance to stress 
Greater resistance to disease

These are the five exercises, each performed for 3 - 5 seconds:

1. Tactile stimulation
We hold the puppy in one hand, and gently rub between his toes with a Q-tip.


2. Head held erect
We use both hands to hold the puppy in an upright position.


3. Head pointed down
We use both hands to hold the puppy in head down position.


 4. Supine position
We cradle the puppy in both palms, so that he is resting on his back with his feet upwards.
 5. Thermal stimulation
We cool a damp towel in the refrigerator and then place the puppy on the towel.