Cedar Hill Labradoodles Puppy Application

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Complete this form and click 'submit' at the bottom to send your application to us.  You'll then be redirected to a confirmation page showing that your application has been submitted. 

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What hobbies & activities would you like your puppy/ dog to do with you?:    
Do you have the extra time, energy & money needed to properly raise & train a puppy, and care for him for his lifespan?:
  We require that if at any time you find you are unable to care for your puppy/dog that you contact us immediately.   We will either assist you in finding a new suitable home in your area or have you return your dog to us to live here until a new home can be found.    Do you agree to this policy?:
     All of our puppies are sold as pets and we require each puppy to be spayed or neutered before the age of 8 months.  Do you agree to comply with this via our spay/neuter agreement?: