About Our Puppies
At Birth
About two weeks before the due date of the puppies, the mother moves into our maternity ward/nursery.  Here she has a private room where she can relax until her puppies are born.  We supervise the birth of all puppies and feel this gives the puppies the healthiest start on life.  Some of the things we do are:
  • clamp umbilical cord to prevent excess bleeding
  • cut umbilical cord to the proper length & disinfect
  • drain fluid from puppy's nose & mouth if necessary to clear puppy's airway
  • make sure puppy is breathing well on his own
  • record time of birth
  • record puppy's weight so that we can weigh him in the following days to be sure he is gaining weight
  • put a soft, flexible neckband on the puppy as a way to identify him from the others
  • help puppy get started with first time nursing, making sure he's strong enough to nurse
  • keep puppies warm - newborns can't produce their own body heat and need room temps around 85 degrees

Your puppy will receive all the necessary immunizations recommended for his age, until he arrives in your home.  We provide you with written information on the types and dates of vaccinations given, which your vet will want to know. Your puppy will need additional vaccinations as he grows, and you should schedule these with your veterinarian or your puppy will not gain immunity from deadly diseases.  

Our puppies are placed on a regular de-worming schedule as recommended by our vet.  We'll provide you with written information about they types of de-wormers given to your puppy and the dates. Your vet will want to know this information, and will set up a continuing schedule to keep your puppy parasite-free.  Our adult dogs are on year round heartworm preventative, and we recommend you start your puppy on a similar program when he reaches the age your vet recommends. 

Our Health Guarantee
We do our best to breed only genetically healthy dogs and therefore we stand behind them with a solid three year written health guarantee.   You must have your puppy examined by a veterinarian within 5 working days of delivery (as well as complying with all other aspects of the health guarantee).  This initial exam assures you that your puppy is healthy upon arrival. 

If you are still in the puppy shopping stage, please read each breeder's health guarantee carefully.  A breeder should be willing to show you a copy of his health guarantee BEFORE you commit to purchasing a puppy.  There can be a lot of differences in these guarantees, so compare them carefully.  Email us for a copy of our current health guarantee.