Meet the Parents:  Dusty and Sully

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The Mother: Cedar Hill's Gold Dust

Dusty is a beautiful third generation Labradoodle who was born right here at Cedar Hill.  She's a sweet & gentle girl with a playful temperament.  She entertains us by throwing her own toys in the air to catch, and sleeping on her back.  She has a soft & wavy, low shed coat in a beautiful shade of cream with caramel tints. 
She weighs in at 30 pounds with a trim, athletic build.  Her PennHip test score is above average. Dusty is 2 years old and this is her first litter.  She's shown here with both shorter and longer hair cuts.





The Father:   Cedar Hill's Extreme Heat Warning  (aka Sully)

Sully is an F1b Goldendoodle born & raised here at Cedar Hill.  He weighs 40lbs, has a stocky build and a soft & fluffy low shed coat with a generous amount of loose curls. He has a sweet & gentle temperament and loves being with people.  Sully's hips have been tested via PennHip and his eyes have been tested by CERF which showed them clear of any heritable eye disease.

Sully is shown here with both long and medium coats.  His prior puppies
have had great coats and sweet temperaments and he has become a favorite dad here at Cedar Hill.

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All of our pups are from health tested parents and come with a three year genetic health guarantee. Pups are on a vaccination and de-worming schedule from birth. Click here to learn about Early Neurological Stimulation, which we use as part of our socialization process.  Weather permitting, our pups have access to the outdoors through a doggy-door. We feel this gives them a head start on house-training, because they are used to going outside before they even arrive in your home. If you'd like to register your puppy, they are eligible to be registered through CKC and we provide you with the required paperwork.    NOTE: Our puppies are sold as companion pets and we require your puppy to be spayed or neutered BEFORE he/she reaches eight months of age.   This protects our pups and ensures they are being placed into loving forever homes.